Windsurfing School of Maui

Windsurfing School of Maui


Maui's Finest Windsurfing School!

Learn to windsurf today with the Windsurfing School of Maui!

Come to the Windsurfing School of Maui and learn to windsurf today on Maui - the world's best place to learn!

Maui - the world's best place to learn to windsurf!

Maui is a windsurfing paradise, with its steady trade winds, clear warm waters, fresh pure air, and beautiful tropical surroundings. Maui is the favored destination for windsurfers of all levels, and home to the most prestigious professional windsurfing events.

Maui's best windsurfing lessons

The Windsurfing School of Maui is Maui's newest and best windsurfing school, using the latest techniques and equipment to help our students learn to windsurf quickly and effortlessly - you will be amazed at your rate of progress!

Lessons for every level

We have the perfect lesson for you whatever your level of windsurfing expertise, whether you've never seen a windsurfer, or would like to improve your jibes or learn to waveride. Check out our lessons page for descriptions of our lessons.

Book your lesson online!

Book your Maui windsurfing lesson online and save 10%!

Beginner windsurfing lessons

Would you enjoy riding your own windsurfer off a beautiful tropical beach? Sign up for your beginning windsurfing lesson and have a great time learning how to skim over the waters!

Our large, stable beginner boards and patient expert instruction make it easy to learn this wonderful sport.

Waterstart headquarters

Maui is the perfect place to learn to waterstart, with our steady trades and great water. Our instructors are waterstarting experts, and will get you up and going before you know it! Our Level Three lesson is the waterstart secret.

Reserve your waterstart lesson today and make the most of your Maui windsurfing vacation!

Learn to use your footstraps & harness

Once you've learned your waterstart, you want learn to plane like a pro, hooked into your harness with both your feet in your footstraps.

Maui is a great place to learn how to plane, and we'll help you do it!

Our Level Four lesson will take you through what you need to learn to really cut loose with your windsurfing - once you're in your straps and harness, windsurfing becomes very comfortable and easy.

Jibe master

There's nothing like the feel of pulling off a beautiful full-speed planing jibe. If you're comfortable sailing in your straps and harness and want to learn to jibe like a master, you need our Level Five lesson.

Private lessons available

If you want to work on specific aspects of your sailing, or want to have your own private instructor for any reason, let us know and we'll put you together with the instructor best suited to your needs.

Experienced, qualified instructors

A school is only as good as its instructors, and we have the best!

Our instructors have survived the dreaded paintball gauntlet at Kimo's and are guaranteed to survive you too! Meet our instructors!

The latest equipment from Neil Pryde, Goya Sails, and Starboard

We use the latest windsurfing equipment from Neil Pryde, Goya Sails, and Starboard in all our lessons to make it easy for you to learn to windsurf! Light, responsive gear makes a big difference in your windsurfing experience, and we make sure you're on the best!

Reserve your lesson

Why wait? Sign up today to reserve your Maui windsurfing lesson and get ready for a great time! Just call us at (808)283-6519, email us or fill in our reservations form!

Questions? Let us know!

We love to hear from you! If you have any questions about our lessons, windsurfing, or Maui, please let us know. Just call us at (808)283-6519, email us or fill in our contact form.

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Wanna learn to windsurf?

Windsurfing paradise

When it comes to windsurfing, Maui is indeed "No ka oi" (the best).

Perfect conditions

Steady trade winds most days of the year, wonderful warm clear water, great beaches, and the best windsurfing instruction in the world combine to make Maui a windsurfer's paradise.

World Class instruction

Maui is the world's premier windsurfing destination and the level of windsurfing performance here is phenomenal!

Our instructors are skilled avid windsurfers, with a love of the sport and a dedication to their students' success that makes each lesson us with a satisfying, enriching experience.

Have it your way

If you're an intermediate to advanced windsurfer, we can tailor design your lesson just the way you want it, to help you with any trouble spots or maneuvers you want to master.

No matter what you want to accomplish in your windsurfing, a private lesson with one of our master instructors will help you achieve your goal.

Reserve your lesson

Call us at (808)283-6519, email us, or fill in our reservation form to schedule your lesson.